5 Apps To Make Working On iPad Smoother

The Apple iPad is an 8”x10” touchscreen tablet computer that blends the features of a smart phone, a laptop, an iPod and a gaming console. We generally tend to treat our iPads like entertainment units. They are great to watch movies on, play games, listen to music, and even read a book. Sure, you can send and read your mails from your tablet, or you can download some important documents, but can you actually use it for actual work like you can use your laptop?


Actually, for those who are experienced at it, using an iPad is easier than using a laptop. An iPad weighs less than 1.5 pounds and has a battery life of 10 hours, which is remarkably convenient for people who like to work on the move. The high resolution LED backlit screen on the iPad is bright and nicely contrasted, making it ideal for office work.

This is why it comes as really good news that there are several iPad apps to help you get work done from your iPad. Here we bring you five awesome productive tools for that very purpose. Of course these aren’t the only work related iPad tools, but we are sure you will find them useful:

1. Paper

Paper is a newly released app for iPad that is free of cost, while making drawing on the iPad incredibly easy with its simple interface. Not too many people are comfortable with drawing on iPad’s touch screen, which is why Paper comes with a free fountain pen, and a series of precise and careful brushes that you can buy within the app itself for less than two dollars.

Paper is a very intuitive app to use, because it works with natural gestures, such as swiping your finger upward from the bottom of the screen to make the tool tray visible, which can again be made invisible by a reverse swipe. Unlike in most drawing apps for iPad, Paper has an option to undo your mistake, with a simple counter clockwise gesture of your fingertips.


2. OmniFocus

Priced at $40, OmniFocus is obviously not software to be taken lightly. But, as Mac and iPhone users will confirm, it is the most comprehensive organizing tool for any iOS device. In fact, users who have tried this app on all three types of devices will confirm that it is more suitable for iPad than it is for iPhone or Mac. OmniFocus lets you organize every single part of your life, including your work, your hobbies, your family & friends, and your personal chores.

3. Byword

For three dollars, Byword is the best plain text editor you can get for your iPad. It is the most flexible way to write, as you do not have to worry about which version of MS Word is being used by the person you will be sending the document to. Byword has an excellent keyboard, and the cursor can be manipulated by the arrow keys. It has auto correct, spell check and other basic options, along with the choice of a few good fonts. It is a fundamental writing tool that is not unnecessarily complex or cluttered.


4. Mindnode

MindNode is an iPad tool for mind mapping. In case you don’t know what mind mapping is, it involves organizing your ideas in relation to a particular project by means of node maps. MindNode lets you start with a central idea and then move towards lateral ideas, connected by color coded lines that make your path very clear. Priced at $10, MindNode supports a wide variety of export options, so you can save your mind map as a PDF or a PNG or a document file, as per your requirement.

5. Trello

Trello is actually an iPhone app, but it looks awesome on the iPad as well. It is a free software that is extremely useful for teams working together, as it can sync the organizing charts and to do lists of all the team members who are also using the app. Trello is a brilliant way of keeping track of multiple projects.



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