Best Google Reader Alternatives

As you know, Google reader will be shutting down in two days. This move comes because Google consolidated it’s services to concentrate more on Google+ and the search engine Giant is planning to integrate many more services to Google+ in coming future but at the same time there will be shutdown of bunch of Google services through out 2013.

If you are still not backed-up your Google reader subscription this is the last chance for you to backup your Google reader subscription to any new RSS reader. To export your data from Reader, click the Cog button > Reader Settings > Import/Export and pickup one of the RSS reader from below list for replacement.


Feedly is one of my favorite free RSS reader these days because of the easy navigation and similar look of Google Reader. At the moment Feedly allows you to import all your Google reader subscription so easy under few clicks. Feedly also let you sync your reader feeds between devices. Feedly will be coming with a clone of Google reader API when the Google reader service will be shutdown officially. Presently it is available as plug-ins for iOS,android and other major desktop environments such as Windows through most modern web browsers.



When you are looking for a powerful RSS reader,Netvibes comes in the top position. It got a reader view this design will look similar to the Google official reader design. Netvibes is called as the personalized dashboard of the web.



This is one of the best alternative RSS reader for those who switching from Google reader. The NewsBlur interface looks similar to the Google reader UI and it also got some more features to make the reading a bit more fun. Unfortunately the free accounts are restricted for 64 web feeds.


The Old Reader

The old reader is one of the most widely used reader with a clean and unique web user interface. The old reader also offers and easy way to import your OPML feeds such as Google Reader.



Feed Reader is the totally free desktop RSS reader comes with a great user interface compared to the other similar players in the same category.Feed Reader is powerful yet simple and fully customizable feed reader.


Tiny Tiny RSS Reader

One of the opensource RSS reader, available for most of the platforms. It’s a web based news reader and aggregator.


RSS Bandit

RSS Bandit is another great RSS reader with out your browser. Additionally you can get a pod-cast feed and download pod-casts straight from your desktop


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