Blekko – The Better Way To Search The Web Using Slash Tags

As you know Google hold more than 55% of the total global search engine query.Yahoo and Microsoft Bing follows Google. New players also coming to the Google dominated  search engine market.One of the new player named  Blekko sounds good.,Blekko claims that they launched the product with the aim of reducing amount of spam results in search results by showing only useful and  trustworthy sites in the list.More over with Blekko you will be able to search competitive categories with all spam results removed.


What is slash tag ?

Slash tag is the tool that used to filter your search engine queries,rather  than searching the whole internet.Slashtags search only the websites you want and it will remove the all spam results being displayed. Use can use  friends, experts, community or your own slashtags to slash in what you want and slash out what you don’t.

I am really happy with the seo button below the website name  on all search results ,It will show you inbound links,crawl status,site pages,duplicate content etc with graphical report.Intrestigly I found one compare button where you can compare your website with any other one in your similar niche.These tools are very useful in search engine optimization point of view.

SEO options in Blekko

The idea looks quite nice.Blekko CEO got a beautiful video introduction please go through it for more happenings.

I love Blekko and it is one of the best new entrant in to the search engine field with lot of new features.Try out Blekko today and leave your experience  with us.


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