9 Tips To Manage Your Passwords Easily

Internet has become the need of the hour for most of the sections of the society nowadays. Its use is not only restricted to working professionals but also extends to students ,businessmen, housewives and children .The widely used applications of the internet allow a variety of tasks to be performed easily. It provides facilities of booking e-tickets , paying bills,   accessing emails and connecting to friends through social networking sites .

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However at the same time remembering passwords for all the user accounts can be a daunting task for a person. It becomes even more critical in today’s time when confidential data is at great threat from unwanted sources. It therefore becomes the responsibility of the user to protect his/her account by ensuring that the passwords are not shared with anyone who may misuse them. However creating strong protected passwords may seem a difficult task   keeping in mind the large number of accounts a user has nowadays.

Password protection is as important as the user account as far as data protection is concerned. A number of techniques can be applied so as to ensure protection of passwords. Some of them are listed below.

1. Certain Organizations might require highly personal data to be stored and protected. KeepPassX is one such light interface application which saves different kinds of information such as user names, passwords, URL’s, attachments in a single database.

The entries contained are grouped and   which can be customized as well. The titles and icons can be maintained for each entry in the table. The integrated search function allows to look for an entry in a particular group or the entire database. The application uses 256 bit key for encryption and hence passwords stored are quite safe. It employs the feature of fast customizable password generator which creates easy and passwords at a faster pace.

2. Passwords are meant to be created in way so that they cannot be easily guessed by someone. Always try that the   password should not contain personal information of the user like name, date of birth, favorite color, and place   . This method can minimize, if not completely eliminate the possibility of passwords getting hacked by unwanted sources.

3. Try to maintain different passwords for each of the user accounts. This might seem to be a difficult task, but   is the best way of ensuring safety for passwords.

4. Always try to frequently change passwords so that it becomes difficult for the hacker to guess the password. The passwords can be changed once in a couple of days and it can better management of accounts on the internet. Automatic reminders can be set on email accounts, online accounts so that passwords can be changed after a regular interval of time.

5. Never write your password on a piece of paper.   In this manner, there are high chances that it might get known to people who happen to get hold of that paper or the place where it is written.

6. Passwords should always be a combination of letters, numbers and special characters. Avoid using details like name, date of birth etc. in passwords.

7. The length of the passwords should be preferably more than 9 characters.

8. The use of strong passwords should be promoted among internet users. Strong password would require a combination of   alphabets, numerals and special characters. An example of strong password can be something of the kind which has first alphabets of a sentence followed by a combination of numbers.

9. All the passwords for different user accounts such as   email account , online  banking and social networking sites etc. can be stored in a password manager which stores all information in an encrypted file. Password managers are great for simple user names and passwords.

So, these are some of the simple tricks one might use to keep their accounts safe and easy to use without having to worry about the safety of the confidential data. One must however never rely on one single technique for managing passwords since a combination of all them provides a much secure way to protect passwords.

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