How to Recover Forgotten Password for Windows 7 Computer ?

If you are using Windows 7, it is important to create a rescue disc to reset your Windows 7 user Password. There are some cases when we forget our complex password for our computer, that time these rescue disc or drive will become handy.

Here we go in detail; we are now going to create a rescue drive to recover your Windows 7 password.

Step 1: Connect a Pend drive or removable Media to your Computer

Step 2:Go to start option on your Windows 7 Computer and Type “create password reset” and click enter to launch the forgotten password wizard.You can create the rescue disc either in a removable media/your UDB drive. I am using USB drive here.

Forgottten Password for Windows 7

Step 3: Now a Popup windows will open up the forgotten password wizard. Click on next to get started and select your removable media (I am selecting here my USB drive).


Step 4: Now type the current user account password if there is no password leave the option blank and click next. The application now will store the password key in to the USB drive.


Now you got the password reset drive and you can reset your windows 7 computer password easily with this one. Follow the steps below to reset your Windows 7 user password.Make sure you conected your USB drive to your Windows 7 computer.

Step 5: If you forgot your windows 7user account password click on Reset password…” link on the log on screen below your account. Make sure you connected the windows 7 password recovery pen drive in to your computer.


Step 6: It will open up the windows 7 Password reset wizard. select your USB/Removable media on which the password key is stored, click Next


Step 7: Now you will get an interface where you can set new password. Enter a new password, confirm it and create a new hint in case you forget and Click Next to finish the job.



You are done it. If you have any difficulties in creating a recovery drive and resetting your password,Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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