How to Block Websites With Mozilla Firefox

All parents want to their child to be  accessing good websites and the content on the internet  that  is relevant to his age but unfortunately Parents  can’t put restriction on the Internet Service provider and millions of websites on the internet. The better idea to safe guard your child from watching those bad websites and content that not related to your child age include the blocking of those websites on your home computer itself.

Now you can block or filter any website on your home computer if you are using Mozilla Firefox browser, the most widely used webbrowser after internet exlorer.Follow below steps to Block or filter some websites on your computer using Mozilla firefox.Dont have Mozilla Firefox on your Computer ? No problem Install it from Mozilla FTP server.

How to Block Websites on Mozilla Firefox?

Step 1: Download blockSite Add-on for Firefox from here.

Step 2: Install blockSite Add-on for Firefox and re-start your Mozilla Firefox

Step 3: Now go to Tool –>Add-ons—->And select Extensions —–>Configure blocksite Options.


Step 4: Click on the blocksite options, It will open a new window named blocksite preferences click on add button to add the site that your child should not watch and click ok.You can add many sites that you want to Block for your child.


Step 5: You got few more options in the blocksite Configuration, Tick mark the enable Authentication and set your preferred password for accessing blocksite Configuration in order to white list or Blacklist the websites later.


Now you blocked websites for your children. Make sure your entire blocksite configuration for Mozilla Firefox working perfectly on your computer before you handover your PC to your child.

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