How to change Facebook Layout ?

Facebook Default Layout looks simple and got blue color all around. I am normally happy with the present Facebook layout, but there are some people who get bored with watching the same Facebook layout.Dont worry if you got bored with default Facebook layout. Facebook not providing any options to change the default layout but today we will show you How to change Facebook Layout using simple tool called FBSkins.

FBSkins is free and easy to use tool for changing the Facebook layout. FBSkins presently got hundreds of Facebook layouts to suite your Customization. Please remember Facebook layout customization using FBSkins only work on your computer where you installed the FBSkins extension or Plugin for your WebBrowser.if you want to use it on any other computer you need to install FBSkins tool on that computer too.

How to Work with  FBSkins

Step1: Go to Facebook Skin by clicking here

Step2: Select your Favorite Facebook Skin.

Step3: Click on “make this my Facebook Skin”.


Now the plugin will be downloaded. Install this FBSkins plugin to change your Facebook layout.Look at my Facebook new Facebook layout.


Normally I’ll not change my Facebook layout and I’m not recommending you to change your Facebook style.Here I’m sharing only the way to change your Facebook layout.Your comments are always welcome.

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