How to Change the Default Download Location in Windows 7 ?

This post I am dedicating my friend Mr.Sreejith because he recently asked me the question, how to change the default windows download location ? Now let me take you in to the step by step guide for changing the default download location on your windows 7 computer.

Normally whatever you download on your windows 7 computer, by default windows will save those files into the download folder on your computer. If you want to save your downloads in the different folders you need to change the locations of the drive. Follow the step by step guide to change the default download location on windows 7.

 Step 1: Click on Start, then click on Computer

Step 2:  Click on C:\ drive, and then Open the User’s folder.


 Step 3: In user’s folder click on your computer “user name”, then click on downloads and right click on downloads to select Properties.

Windows 7-Download-Folder

 Step 4: Now go to the Location Tab on “downloads” properties

Windows 7-download-Location

Step 5: Under location tab change the location to the new or required drive. Once finished Click on Apply, finally click OK.

Windows 7-Download-Folder-Change

You are done it. let me know if you have an difficulties in changing the default download location on windows 7 computer

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