How to display Twitter followers same as Facebook fan widget

Are you a using Facebook fan widget in your blog or website ?What do you think if you are able to add similar widget for twitter.Awesome isn’t it ? Right now Twitter doesn’t suppport similar feature but you can display your twitter followers same as Facebook fan widget if you are on WordPress.

Sohail Abid have one WordPress plugin that will allow you to add Twitter followers widget similar to Facebook.All you have to do is just download the plugin from WordPress Plugin directory and activate the plugin.Now go to your widget section and add twitter fan widget in to your  blog sidebar.

Twitter fan box

Add you twitter username and select how many Twitter fans to be shown in your Twitter fan widget.You can even customize the border heading and background color of the widget.Once you done all customization just click on save button.

Twitter Fans

Twitter fans plugin is the simplest and best way to add Twitter followers fan widget in to your blog/website.Try it today  leave your experience with us.


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