How To Remove Google Chrome Extensions

Google Chrome is one of the fastest web browser available since Sep 2008.Chrome  is backed by the search engine giant Google and it is totally free to use.Google Chrome first arrived as a beta version for windows operating system and Google realised the drawbacks in Google chrome very short time.

Google very soon announced chrome project as an Open source ; code named Chromium project  and Google also hired some of the best Mozilla Firefox developers to work on the next versions of Google chrome.This time it got clicked in the market.Presently it is one of the fastest growing web browser after Mozilla Firefox and holding a market share of 25-28 %.Google chrome also available for  Mac OS X and Linux too.

Browser add-ons are great when they work perfectly.Google Chrome also got lot of add ons but Google named it as “ Extensions”.There are thousands of extensions available for you in Google Chrome web store that include different categories such as whether,social media, business extensions,lifestyle,games,entertainment,productivity,news and much more.

If you installed some extensions in Google chrome,there are chances that some times it may crash continuously when you open Google Chrome.What we normally do this time ? just remove or disable those extensions ! Yes.

Today we will show you how to remove or disable Google chrome extensions in quick time.

Step 1 : Open Google Chrome and type in the address bar  chrome://extensions

Step 2 : Now you will get all the installed extensions in your Google chrome browser.on the right side of the extensions you will see two options; 1.Enable 2.Remove

if you want to remove the particular extension then click on the remove button near to the extension.If you want to disable it,then untick the enable button on the right side of the selected Extension.

Settings - Extensions

If you are not able to find and execute this option better do it from the settings area in your Google chrome.Follow below steps to completely remove the extension from Google Chrome web browser.

  1. Click the wrench icon

  2. Click Tools.

  3. Select Extensions.

  4. Click Remove/Uninstall for the extension you’d like to completely remove.

You can also temporarily turn off an extension by disabling it from the extensions page.

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