How To Reset Default File Opening To Original or None In Windows

Let’s assume you opened a file with notepad and accidentally left the box checked for “Default”.  Now every time you try opening  that kind of file extension, windows will open it in Notepad,which you selected earlier.

Now how can you set the default file open back to “original” or “none”?  One of my friend have this query and I told him you can fix anything in windows. Simply follow this tip.

Step 1: Go to Control panel and move over to Default Programs.Default Pograms Control panel

Step 2: Now click on Associate a file type or protocol with a program.A new window will popup with some file extensions.Associate File-Windows

Step 3: Find your file extension and click change program on the top right corner.If you do not see your program click on other Programs. Or just right click your file and choose Open With and follow the same procedure.You should make sure to tick the check box also.Set File Associations

change default program

You can also do it in the registry if you are fine in editing registry files.Make sure to backup your registry before going for the edit.

Step 1:  Click Run, type regedit and click OK.

Step 2: Now move on to


Step 3: Scroll down to the file extension which you want to edit.In my case I select .TXT file and just  expand .txt and click OpenWithList,

Step 4: On the right side you will find the open with list, right click and Delete the ones you don’t want my extensions to open.

reg edit

Restart you PC and you are successfully reseted the default file opening option.

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