How To Use Google Docs Web Clipboard On Android Device

Google Docs Allows you to access and create new documents on the go. Most of the online users now started using Google Docs and Google Android application allows you the same facility on your android device. If you have an android phone try out the new features on Google Docs.

Google today added web clipboard for Google docs Android Application, It will help theMobileusers to “copy” (upload) a photo to the web clipboard so that it can be easily inserted to a Google Docs document later.

How to use Google Docs web clipboard on your Android Device

Step 1: Go to the Docs widget on your Android Phone

Step 2: Now tap the camera icon and capture the image or you can upload any image on your android device.

Step 3: Open the Photo and select send to web clipboard and press OK.


Step 4: Now open any Google document from your computer. Click the web clipboard icon and select the item to paste into your doc.


Now you can send the doc as an attachment through email or another application on your Android phone. If you still not tried it out on your Android device move straight t to the android market to download the Google Docs updated Application. We added link to the download page below.

 Download Google Docs Android Application from here.



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