McAfee in news Again – Launched URL shortening service

McAfee done it again soon after intel acquisition ,Pushed out  their own URL shortening service.The major players in this category include,, from twitter.URL shortening services got much popularity as most of the micro blogging platforms like twitter allowing users to share content in shot webformat.

McAfee URL shortner will be in  the format and it will be secure URL shortner with inbuilt facility of malware ,spyware and adware scanning.All the links submitted to McAfee url shortener will be scanned for vulnerability in the link.Only the safe links will be provided with short URL. url shortner

To create a secure URL shortner you need to go official McAfee URL shortening website.Do it Right here,I created a URL of my website page .Once I checked the shortened URL it showing a McAfee URL shortener Bar on Top of my browser window ensuring that the link I am viewing is protected with McAfee.

Secure Url Shortening service

I am very much  interested now to see which URL shortening player will come up with similar add-ons.I definitely switch to McAfee for my URL shortening requirements only because of the inbuilt security.

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