Outlook.com : Microsoft’s New Webmail Service With Metro Look

It looks like Microsoft is trying to regain his position as the worlds best free webmail service.Recently Microsoft unveils the new personal webmail Outlook.com,As per Microsoft Outlook.com is “a new personal email service that reimagines the way that people use email”.

Outlook.com got a metro user interface and clean look that we found in the latest windows phone OS and Windows 8 operating system.The new interface and clean look of Microsoft outlook will give users an easy acess to all the mail functionality.


As per the official tweet from microsoft, within 24 hours of the outlook.com launch the brand new webmail service  already usedup  by 1 million users and it looks like outlook.com eventually replace Microsoft Hotmail service.

How to get your own Outlook.com adress ?

It is simple ,If you already have an Hotmail account or microsoft live account,just sign in to outlook using the same credentials and you will be automatically switched to the new metro enabled outlook.com look.If you don’t have any microsoft account you can create a brand new outlook.com address by visiting the home page and clicking on the sign up button.


Outlook.com coming with a free 7GB  cloud storage through skydrive and many new advanced features for easy operation of your mail messages.One of the another feature include the integration of social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, Skype  means your contacts latest status updates,photos etc are shown in the side bar, when viewing email. More importantly it is totally advertisement free webmail service.

I already grabbed my Microsoft outlook ID, Do you ?


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