Top 12 Excellent Online Form Building Apps

With the oodles of blogs coming up every now and then along with other online services, the competition has gone tougher. If you wish to know the readers’ response or enable them to ask queries regarding anything related to what your website offers, what do you think would help you out?

Now days, forms have become an essential part of any website that helps the owner or admin collect information/get feedback from the visitors. Well, there is not just one kind of form instead lot many others like contact form, survey forms, order forms and likewise.

However, if you are not a programmer who has good experience in HTML, it might appear to be a task that’s fussy enough to get involved. Isn’t it? Saving the inputs, there are lots of great online tools that can help you in creating professional forms that too without any knowledge about programming. Believe me, it’s as easy as simple clicking the mouse. Anybody who can use a mouse and keyboard can use these online form building apps and create wonders. Let’s take a look at some of the best online form building apps.

Jotform Form Builder

Making it easier to create online forms and receive responses via e-mail without writing single line of code JotForm is the first WYSIWYG web form builder. JotForm is the easiest way to create web forms.

Jotform Form Builder

Wufoo form building Apps

Wufoo is a web application that helps users build amazing online forms. It automatically builds the database, backend and scripts required for collecting and understanding your data easily.


FormSmarts is an online form builder and web form service provider that lets you create a form and publish it in no time. It gives you the option of creating an unlimited number of web forms with without any knowledge of HTML.



Create HTML forms for your Website in minutes with HTMLform. While designing your HTML form with, you will receive an easy to install zip file that includes everything you need thereby making your task easier.

Lanbito mobile friendly forms

Lanbito is an online form builder app that enables you to create look similar to the ones on iPhone, iPad, even Mac and PC. The Lanbito app is righty called the light form builder that creates smooth, functional forms that are visually appealing.


MachForm with 20+ built-in themes and Visual Theme Editor allows you to create countless designs in the form of the most beautiful and elegant forms.

Email Me Form

‘Email Me Form’ is a free online form generator service that helps you create HTML forms for your website without any programming knowledge. With Email Me Form, you can create a variety of online forms using our easy form builder.


Form2go is a form builder app that provides free, quality, high professional, reliable, secured and easy to use way to build forms for your website.


Formsite is a web based application that lets you create professional online forms and surveys without having any HTML or coding experience.


Formstack web form creator

Customize and brand your own online form in fraction of seconds. Form builder allows you to build any type of web form with even if you don’t have the technical experience.


Pandaform lets you create and customize a variety of forms for your business. You can create practically any kind of form be it order forms, customer surveys, meeting notes or even CRM.



Cloud Contact Forms is a web service that lets you create embeddable contact forms, feedback forms, forms for mailing lists, site submissions and business data forms. Even if you don’t have any programming or HTML coding knowledge, you can create free contact forms and feedback forms with single click; all thanks to Cloud Contact Forms.

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