Twitter Silently Added Twitter TimeLine

It looks like Twitter doing some massive changes to the user interface. Patrick Bisch of Pinglio reporting that Twitter quietly testing an expandable twitter timeline that allows users to see media and related information inside the timeline instead of off to the side.

The new twitter timeline feature will allow users to click and expand their own tweet conversation, media, and retweets.If the user mouse hover the tweet will bring a new link that allows users to open it to see who retweeted the message, as well as they can view the entire threaded conversation.


For example, if the user opened TwitPic image or YouTube video it will expand the window to open the media in the twitter timeline. Patrick Bisch also created a video, in which he describing the new twitter features.Watch the embedded video below.

Until now there is no official feed from Twitter regarding the new timeline features. Let’s see how they going to promote the new features.


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