4 Great YouTube Channels For Game Enthusiasts

When there are a few videos on YouTube for gaming enthusiasts, the information is very limited. If you are true gamer and wish to stay on track with the deeper cuts that surround the gaming section, you should check out the various channels that have been developed by lifelong gamers who have developed a cult following over the years. Here you will find great reviews, speed runs, trials and much more that will only make your gaming experience more enjoyable.

The channels that are going to be detailed below are the best of the best of YouTube. They are operated by professional and enthusiastic gamers who bring to the table in depth knowledge, skill and strategies that you can really benefit from. These YouTube Channels are promoted by some of the best gaming websites in the world, the likes of Machinima and ScrewAttack support them.

YouTube Channels For Game Enthusiasts

So, if you are a true gamer and wish to stay in tune with the latest and the craziest on the gaming scene, this is where you should be:

1. Chugga Conroy’s – Let’s Play 

If you are a serious gamer and wish to get in-depth analysis and walkthrough for Nintendo’s games, you should get your act together and subscribe to Chuggaa Conroy’s ‘Let’s Play’ Great YouTube Channel. He is a veteran in the field and has over three years of neatly stacked archives which you can use to get an update on game strategy, easter eggs and play throughs. If you are Pokemon Emerald fan, then you have to check out the latest series as it provides the best guide on a few techniques that are absolutely essential to get the best from the game.

You may not find information on new releases, but you will surely learn how to surpass levels in games that you have been itching to cross.

2. The Angry Video Game Nerd 

James Rolfe, founder of CneMassacre runs a partner venture with Screw Attack and is easily one of the most fun YouTube Channels for gamers around. It tackles some of the worst games and does it with great rage. He also goes back to childhood and it makes for some great laughter and killer flashbacks.

3. UberHaxorNova

His style is goofy, the information is amazing on this great YouTube Channel. Here you will find broadcast sessions on some of the world’s best games, even some great underground ones. He will keep you engaged and you can be sure that you will break into giggle fits time and again. His latest series has got him 500,000 viewers and he has over 89 episodes and gamers absolutely love him.

The best part is that he takes on requests, so if you have a game you want to try, all you have to do is ask and you can lap up his debacle with the game.

4. Talking Classics

In Talking Classics you can follow the fictional nerdy character of gamer Keith Apicary (which is played superbly by Nathan Barnatt) as he goes on and on about his crazy obsession with old video games. It is something you can truly relate with and will have a lot of fun following.

If you are a gamer who loves the game more than anything else in the world and will not rest till you have destroyed everything that comes in your path, you could do with a little help from fellow gamers who will showcase it all through great advice through YouTube Channels.

So, subscribe to these great YouTube  Channels now depending on which games meet your fancy so that you can make the most of the time you spend online. These channels are not only informative, but some series can be a lot of fun, and you will not stop laughing.

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