Block Ad’s in any website with Ad-block plus add-on for Firefox

Advertisements on websites are necessary,Me also using some kind of advertisements on my website,It must be a needed thing to keep your website alive but sometimes these advertisements looks annoying.For example pop-up advertisement and flash ads.lots of advertisements on a website are alarmingly obnoxious.With this post I will show you how to get rid of almost any kind of advertisements by using a Firefox add-on which will Block advertisements in any website/blog.

Adblock Plus –A firefox add-on allows you to get rid of these unwanted advertisements.Ad-block plus comes with a multi language support and over fourty filter subscriptions.You can even remove scripts and stylesheets.Adblock plus will remove all the unwanted banners and you will be able to watch the web in a new way.

How to install Ad-block Plus?

Go to Adblock plus Firefox add-on website and click on download and just run the extension.Make sure you have Firefox installed in your computer.You are done it.If you have any issues implementing Ad-block plus ,please leave those issues in our comment section.


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