Facebook AntiVirus Marketplace : Complete Look

Facebook is one of the world’s biggest social networking platform with more than 901 million users worldwide.Today is a big day for them or we can say finally facebook done something to proud;Facebook Joined hands with several antivirus companies to offer free security software for facebook users computer.Presently facebook partnered with Microsoft, McAfee, TrendMicro, Sophos, and Symantec.

All the facebook users will get free full version of security software of their choice for 6 months period except MSE.These softwares include of Norton AntiVirus, Microsoft Security Essentials, McAfee Internet Security, Sophos Anti-Virus for Mac Home Edition, and Trend Micro Security.Microsoft Security Essentials is the only one in the above list which is totally free for all facebook users.

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Facebook already implemented the websense anti phishing platform worldwide but unfortunately hackers found new ways to spam on facebook.We hope the introduction of Antivirus market place will help facebook users to get away from those new generation malware and adwares.

Facebook already got their own site Integrity and security Team, and they are teamed up with websense and Web of Trust recently.Now they are protecting all facebook users from spammy or malicious content unfortunately their efforts was not succeeded mainly because the database of URL blacklist was not updated properly.I Strongly believe this was the main reason Facebook tied-up with these security firms to provide all their URL blacklist database to facebook and future updates too.

Facebook Security-Softwares

Facebook Marketplace is an entirely new section on facebook,where the company will provide the latest security issues and how to stay safe on the world’s biggest social network.The security firms partnered with facebook will also offer solutions for all the security issues facebook users addressing.Check out these antivirus software’s that Facebook offering through it’s Antivirus market place.

Microsoft Security Essentials 

The all time free antivirus for your computer,now joined hands with Facebook.Microsoft security essential will guard you from viruses, spyware, and other evil softwares and they have realtime protection,Dynamic signature service, Root-kit protection enabled for all  home or small business users.If you are downloading it through Facebook.Please note that Microsoft security essentials is only for windows operating system and you should have the genuine windows installed on your PC.

Norton™ AntiVirus

One of the another powerful antivirus software from Symantec.Ranked #1 in antivirus category and it will protect your computer with out sacrifing speed and performance.Norton™ AntiVirus coming with live 24/7 threat monitoring,browser protection and cloud protection management.You can download Norton™ AntiVirus for your windows and Mac through Facebook Antivirus Market Place.

McAfee internet security 

McAfee internet security bundled with lot of tools including real-time anti-virus, anti-malware, firewall, spam filters, and parental controls.The anti–spam filter technology from McAfee internet security is one of the best of it’s kind to block  spam and dangerous emails to enter in to your PC.Automatic online data backup is one of the best feature I found with McAfee internet security.

Sophos Anti-Virus for Mac Home Edition

Sophos antivirus technology stops all threats, even if it’s something new,here comes the advanatage of using Sophos.Most antivirus able to stop or remove known malwares but Sophos holds the award winning technology to block new threats.Sophos is a totally free antivirus for Mac so why not download it ?

Trend Micro internet security

Trend Micro internet security is one of the super fast and easy to user antivirus package that provides advanced protection.Trend Micro internet security is available for  your PC and Mac.If you installed Trend Micro internet security you don’t have to worry about viruses, spyware, and identity theft.


All the security firms partnered with facebook will hand over the complete URL blacklist database to facebook,I think this move will help facebook to fix the issues they faced on implementing the websense anti phishing platform successfully.

You can access to the new facebook security tools by visiting the Facebook security page here  and click on the AV marketplace and select your preferred antivirus partner and get it installed on your computer totally free for 6 months.Please make sure you are logged into facebook in order to download the security softwares.

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