How To Change Font Size In Google Chrome ?

Do you comfortable in reading content on the websites that you visit regularly? No ! Don’t worry Switch to Google Chrome and now  you can change the Font size on Google Chrome Web browser easily with new options panel that designed with simple user interface.Go through the step by step guide to Customize your Google Chrome Font size.

Step1: Go to Google Chrome and click on setting icon.

Step2: Now select Options. Now you will get the new Options window on Google Chrome. If you want you can go directly to the Chrome options window by typing chrome://settings/browser in the address bar.


Step3: Select the “Under the Hood” Tab and move to web content. If you want to change only font size and page zoom level you can do it here. More customization will be available at “customize fonts” option.


Step4: Click on the customize font and a new option window will be opened in your Google Chrome browser. Here you can change your standard Google chrome font, Serif font, fixed width font, font size and encoding. Any changes you made on this page will automatically save.


When ever I’m not comfortable with reading some websites I will change my browser font size. Are you able to read website contents properly on your computer. If no ! Please change your Web browser Font size.

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