HP CloudDrive : Enjoy New World Of Cloud Computing

HP, one of the world’s leading computer manufacturer and leader in information technology.Headquartered in Palo Alto, California, United States.HP Cloud drive is one of the feature that HP providing to their computer users and reputed clients.You can found this feature on most of the HP computers.

HP Cloud drive allows user to save their data and media on an online server and they can access them later from anywhere in the world using their computer,tablet or any mobile device.


HP Cloud drive got powered by ZumoDrive and you will get a 3GB of free storage when you sign up with them and later on you can expand your storage limit to a maximum of 500 GB for a monthly payment of $79.99.

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There is lot of different plans for HP Cloud drive that include 10,25,50,100,200 GB respectively. I already got a 10GB plan and that costed me $ 2.99 per month only.HP providing very competitive rates these days because of lot of competition from Amazon,DropBox,Google Drive and Microsoft Skydrive.I must say,this is the first time HP taken the cloud computing offering seriously.

Now you can take all your music with you everywhere you go – on your desktop, laptop, netbook, smartphone.HP recently made a big decision,They will come out with their cloud offerings to the public beta very soon.It looks like their approch is promising and ready to take on Amazon.

For your further information,Zumo drive already shut down from 1st June 2012 but the HP Cloud Drive users will not be affected with this shutdown.

If you would like to give HP Drive a try then download their Windows application.HP cloud drive also available for  Mac, Linux, and mobile devices.Check out the official webpage here  and download the application.

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