Why you should switch to Google URL shortener ?

McAfee surprised everyone with their URL shortener last month.This time it is Google ! Google switched their URL shortening service in to public mode. There are too many URL shortening service providers available on the web including bit.ly and twitter official.We also written an article on 15 best URL shortening service providers.Public introduction of Google URL shortner will make this category more competitive. I hope users going to get more secure ,stable and productive service in this area.

Google introduced their own URL shortner last December.Initially Google  integrated this to other google products and services only .Yesterday Google URL shortner become public.Google opened a house for their URL shortner at http://goo.gl/ .Google claiming that it will be the most stable,secure and fastest URL shortner on the internet.

How to use ?

All you have to do is point your browser to Google URL shortener at  http://goo.gl/ and sign in with you Google Account.In next step you can add your URL in to the Google Interface.Google will create a shortened URL for your address.You can use this address for your wide requirements.

Google URL Shortner

Why Google URL shortner ?

  • Google URL shortner coming with automatic spam detection
  • Gmail like filtering technology
  • View past  URL’s that you shorten using your Google Account.
  • Fastest URL shortner ever made
  • Find public and realtime analytic data with top referer and visitor profile of your shortened URL
  • Browser friendly extension for URL shortening (you can download Google Chrome extension for Google URL shortener right here ).

I hope you will give a try.let me know what you think about Google URL shortener.


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