YouTube Videos Not Playing In Ubuntu : How To Fix

I hope you may be faced similar issue In Ubuntu; I understand, that’s why you are here !!Some of the most common problems found on YouTube includes, the video doesn’t start (load),video loads slowly,video gets stuck,video player is blank with no video.So why YouTube Videos not playing in Ubuntu ?

The answer is simple, May be you are facing some issue with your web browser flash plugins or you may be facing any codec issues on your web browser. You can fix it in different ways. Some tips will work for few users and few work around will help others.

Youtube videos

In Ubuntu Linux we mainly use Mozilla Firefox or Chromium browser as the default web browser . The first tip we sharing today will help you fix the YouTube Videos not playing issue in both browsers.

To solve the video not playing problem first try the YouTube HTML5 player. Here the YouTube videos will be played using HTML5 instead of flash Player. Most of the modern browsers support YouTube HTML5 player. So make sure you have already updated your PC browser to the latest version.

Most of the browsers may be not fully enabled the HTML5 or may be using the different players for example the adobe flash player as default media player.

So go to YouTube HTML5 page and check your browser enabled HTML5 Player or not. If it is not enabled just enable instantly and make it as default YouTube video player.

Once you are on the YouTube HTML5 page just click on the ” Request HTML5 Player button“. Now the YouTube page will be refreshed and it will show you “The HTML5 player is currently used when possible”.

Youtube HTML

If you are using chromium browser in Ubuntu, first try to disable the multiple flash instances which may be causing issue to YouTube video playback.

You can do this by visiting the chrome://plugins in the address bar and enable or disable the flash instances. I think our previous post “ How to fix flash not responding” will be handy for this fix.

If nothing worked out in Chromium browser just try few commands  in terminal.

sudo apt-get remove chromium-codecs-ffmpeg

sudo apt-get install chromium-codecs-ffmpeg-extra  

This will re install the current set of chromium codecs. I hope YouTube video not playing issue is now solved. If any questions , please ask in the comment section.

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