A Detailed Guide To jailbreak Your iPhone, iPad Or iPod Running iOS 5.1.1

Do you know what it means to jailbreak your iOS device? It only means that once you have done with the process, you iOS device, let it be the iPhone, iPad or the iPod ouch of yours, is of more use to you. Technically saying, the jailbreak is a process with which the user can remove the Apple Inc. incorporated limitations on the iOS devices. The limitations in the system are removed through the use of custom kernel.

This allows them to download and install as well as use those apps which are unavailable through the official Apple App Store. The main thing which makes the jailbreak of the iOS devices an interesting thing is that unlike rooting the iOS devices, jailbreaking the iOS devices isn’t illegal, but according to the Apple Inc. ‘can violate the warranty’.  There are many reasons for the jailbreaking of the iOS devices, which includes users trying to personalize their device as well as to reduce the annoyance as well as those users who find the censorship of the Apple over the apps that are to be used over the devices.

Jaibreak Apple IOS 5.1.1

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Moreover, jailbreaking will also allow the user to use the carrier-locked iPhone over various networks, as there is software available in the market which unlocks the device for the user as it frees the device from the shackles of a fixed carrier. But the jailbreak does have some security issues, which the Apple Inc. is trying hard to cover up in the future version of the devices.

Here are a few steps to jailbreak your iOS device:

  • The first step of jailbreaking your iOS device is that to download the Absinthe 2.0 from the internet to your PC. There are different versions available for the Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. After the download is complete, unpack the software, install and open the software.

  • Before going for the jailbreaking, you must connect your device to the PC through the USB. Before going for the hitting of the jailbreak button over the Absinthe, get your data and other items backed up by the iTunes. Open iTunes, and wait till the device appears over the index. Right click over it, and you have got the option of backing up the data of your device over your hard drive or over the iCloud.

  • There is a small warning that is included in here. It is a fact that your photos and videos are not included in the back up, when you do it through the iTunes. You should have a back up of these files through the iPhoto.

  • The jailbreak process becomes faster when you have lesser mount of memory left in it. So erase all the memory that you have in your device through the iTunes and erase all the memory from there. You must not worry as you have already backed them up.

  • Once these all are done, you should launch the Absinthe. Hit the ‘Jailbreak’ button there, and the process starts off immediately. Make it sure that you should not disconnect the device in mid-way of the process. Once the Absinthe says the jailbreaking is complete, you should restore the memory that you have backed up. You could do this from your iTunes through the ‘Restore From Backup’ option.

  • Once the whole process is complete. You must reboot your device. Once it comes alive, you can find everything as it was there before, but an icon of Cydia added over the list. Cydia is the app store where you can find everything that you need for making your phone personalized.


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