EPIC Web Browser With Built In Antivirus

Hidden reflex, An Indian software company launched a new web browser with built in antivirus capacity, now no need to worry about Malwares ,Trojans and viruses while you browsing, Epic Web Browser will do everything for you. Epic claims that it will be the most secured and most productive innovation in software and technology.

Epic specially designed for those people who want all the digital information in simple access. Epic looks like equipped with Built in security that ensures maximum coverage. Epic have partnership with E-set -Nod 32, a virus scan and removal app maker for providing security to their epic browser users.

The themes and wallpapers gallery will surprise everyone. The one part where epic is far better than other browsers is the collection of these themes and wallpapers.Epic is specially designed for Indians and it comes with 2500+ Indian Themes and Wallpapers,18 Live TV Stations. 200+ TV Shows, Films and the awesome epic radio.

Epic also got powered by more than 1500+ FREE sidebar apps that is ready to install in one click and you can type in 12 Indian languages easily and  interestingly it got a built in word processor to create quick notes or documents in English & Indian
languages instantly in our light-weight Epic Write.

The side bar is nicely placed and arranged but some times looks bored with the color structure and page opening style. As per my Epic experience I think it will take time to understand all Epic features for a normal internet explorer user. Before you proceed with epic better go through the help page.

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