How To Switch Between Tabs In Firefox And Chrome Quickly

Most of us have our own favorite internet browsers, but the largest numbers of followings go to Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox respectively. Not too many internet savvy people use Internet Explorer anymore, and other browsers like Opera have a niche following, but nothing as global as Chrome or Firefox. So, it’s a pretty good chance that right now, you are reading this from either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

Mozilla Firefox

The thing is, both of these two browsers offer a lot of cool apps and features, and many of us prefer working on both of them, often at the same time. Each has a number of add ons and apps that we love dearly and miss in the other. Some sites just open better on Chrome, and other sites won’t function fully unless you use Firefox to open them. Another common problem we face is that often, a particular browser goes all slow on us, especially if a number of tabs are open. In that case, it is always wiser to shift to the other browser, even if it is temporarily. For example, I generally use Google Chrome, but on certain days, with no apparent reason, it refuses to open Facebook properly, so instead of grumbling and cursing, I do the next best thing, I pick up my tabs and go settle down at Firefox for a change.

There is no rocket science behind shifting from one browser to the other, all you have to do is select and copy the link in one and paste it on the other. But can you imagine how boring it would be to do that if you have ten or twelve open tabs? Moreover, if your job requires you to shift browsers very frequently, you are going to waste a lot of time copy pasting. So it is better to take the easier way out, and install an app that will let you switch between browsers quickly and easily. Here are a few apps you can consider for this very purpose:

1. Chrome View

Chrome View is a Mozilla add on, and once you have added it, it automatically detects the path of your Google Chrome installation. Afterwards, whenever you want to open a page in Google, simply right click on your Mozilla browser and you will get an option asking you if you want to open the page on Google Chrome. It’s as simple as that!

 Chrome View

2. Open in Chrome

Mozilla is a great browser, but when it comes to multiple tabs, it simply cannot match the capacity of Google Chrome. At least that is what my personal experience has taught me. So if you have a huge number of tabs open on your Mozilla browser, and suddenly it starts getting slow or shows signs of being about to crash, quickly migrate to Chrome using the ‘Open all tabs in Chrome’ option in the Open in Chrome add on.

Open in Chrome

3. Open with

If you are a web designer, then you probably need to test out how a web page you just designed will open in various browsers. The Open With add on is ideal for this sort of cross browser testing, not just for Google Chrome, but any browser.

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